Ibrahim khalil shihab

Ibrahim Khalil Shihab (previously known as Chris Schilder) is known as an artist with great compositional skills and the ability to write music that creeps into your soul and stays there.


With the launch of his new album "essence of Spring" fans can expect to hear Ibrahim's recollections of the creation of the album 'Spring'. Fans can look forward to three new versions of favourite Pacific Express songs such as "Give a little love", "Angel of love" and "I hear Music". More so music lovers can look forward to hearing 4 brand new compositions by Ibrahim and a fantastic solo piano piece performed by the pianist himself. By attending this concert audience members will also be paying tribute to and celebrating an artist who due to his immaculate compositional talents managed to create a diverse range of music – from easy listening pop flavours to evocative jazz themes that lead to calling on extreme improvisational skills from his fellow players.


This show introduces the album "Essence of Spring", which is produced by Cape Jazz pianist and composer Ramon Alexander. A must for your personal collection. .



Tel: 087 808 8905


South Africa, Cape Town

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